Surgiderm 24XP is manufactured by Corneal Group. This product is based on the cross linking process, which is called “3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix Technology”. This product serves to be the best medicine for tightening the skin, give uniform texture and high cross link structure to the skin. Moreover, it also allows good resistance to the degradation with long lasting results when compared to any other hyaluronic fillers. This filler is very popular in UK, US and in Europe and it is best recommended by the users, qualified medical practitioners. The generic name of Surgiderm is non animal stabilized hyaluronic acid. It is made from the streptococci bacteria through bacterial fermentation process.


Anyone can use Surgiderm 24XP without any need for a skin test prior to the treatment. The results can be enjoyed for many months; eventually there will be no traces of filler used. This effective medicine is designed for injection into superficial dermis, to be injected on fine lines like, lines around eyes, laughter lines, smoker lines, peri-oral lines above top lips and wrinkles. Though this is a safer product to be used by anyone, it is always recommendable to take the advice of an experienced medical practitioner in order to avoid any serious side effects and get more than expected results. It can also act on deep lines, deep skin depressions and strong wrinkles that are challenging to be treated using other products.


Surgiderm 24XP is designed to be injected into three levels of dermis. It can be used for medium and deep depressions on skin, to enhance the volume such as on sunken areas or cheek atrophy. It is very effective to enhance border of lips to make it look beautiful.  Therefore, this injection can also be used for lips and injected around peri-oral area for redefining contour of lips. You can also use this medicine to replenish hyaluronic acid that is lost due to ageing factors by injecting into superficial dermis. Such treatment procedure can improve the skin tone and elasticity on neck, face, hands and décolletage, which is the area between breasts and neck.


Surgiderm 24XP is proved to be the best product for eliminating aging factors and make you look beautiful with young look; it is not recommendable for all individuals. This is because, each individual may have different health or medical condition, which if not noticed then certain ingredients in Surgiderm, may lead to adverse effects. To point, individuals with hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid must strictly avoid this medication. Women who are breast feeding or pregnant must avoid Surgiderm for skin enhancement.

The duration for Surgiderm 24XP treatment absolutely depends on the correction required for an individual. This may vary with individuals and their skin condition. The main factors that influence the duration of treatment procedure are lifestyle and age. By knowing these factors, the medical practitioner can do the correct treatment using this product. The result lasts for up to 12 months. One can experience skin becoming naturally beautiful without any trace of treatment taken. While talking about this effective filler injection, there are of course some possible side effects experienced by the users, however the severance depends on the medical condition of the user.


Some of the common side effects experienced by the users of Surgiderm 24XP are, swelling in the injected area, transient erythema or redness in the treated area and possible discomforts which will usually resolve spontaneously or within two days after the injection are given. However, if the condition persists for more than two days, then it is important to report to your medical practitioner immediately. This product can be used by both men and women who are facing problem with medium or deep wrinkles on face. It is also effective to treat visible facial folds when a person makes some facial expression and they include glabeller lines, nasolabial folds or marionette lines. Most of the competitive products that are available online may not produce similar results as Surgiderm 24XP gives the user lasting for many months. You can buy this product online without any need for a prescription. You can definitely buy a product that is tailor made for your specific problems.